Everyone of any age plays. We all do it. Some of us play cards, others play sports, and others play social games, but we all play games. So I don't get it why video games are taking the blame for everything people don't want to understand. Back in the day it was rock music, comics and TV, nowadays it's TV, rock music and video games.

I have been an active developer for thirteen years now already. This means that I have spent eight of those thirteen years basically learning how to create a game from scratch the hard way, by just doing something and only four of them actually creating a game. Since then I have released five individual games, two of them for free and three commercial games. One of them is episodic, one is a kids game and one is completely silly splatter.

While there was a time when I thought that games were the medium I identify myself most with, I had to learn the hard way that sometimes things are not what you believe they are. Games are fun and I will probably never stop developing them, but as far as identification goes, they have fallen far behind video and music making. That does not mean that I don't like it any more. I do love it still. I just think that in the end, I am better suited for writing and directing than game design. In the end however, the game development scene made me what I am today. And that is a good thing. :)