Hi, my name is Ezekiel Rage and this is my online portfolio - the place where you can learn all about me and the work I do, should you desire so for whatever weird reason you might have.

Chances are you either clicked on a link I gave you, in which case THANKS or you came here by accident. In that case I don't want to know what exactly you searched for but maybe you can still find something to your liking on my page.

So without further ado: Enjoy your stay on my humble(brag) portfolio.

Citadale - The Legends Trilogy is a collection of three retro action games based on classics of the 80's. Help the Dorleac Family fight against Rhogul, lord of darkness.
Angel's Decay is a gothic rock album featuring eleven songs and a nice bonus track to round out the package. Yes it's a bit kitschy but there is nothing wrong with that.
Heroes of the Void is a shared comic book universe set in an alternate reality. Various powered people inhabit this world and of course not all of them are nice guys.
A.C.E. Alien Cleanup Elite is an old school action game. Aliens infested the cities of the world and it is your task to clean it up using guns. But beware: One hit and you're done for!
I am a smalltime indie comic book writer and game developer from Innsbruck, Austria. I try to make my living by creating all kinds of modern media. Basically if you can fit it on a screen, I'll do it. If you are still reading this chances are you are not completely bored out yet, which is good for both of us. If by any chance you actually like what you see I'd be very grateful if you could support me by either buying my stuff or becoming my patron.