Photo of Ezekiel RageHi, my name is Ezekiel Rage and I am the guy this website is all about. I was born on July 11th 1984 in Austria where I still live today.

From an early age on, I showed signs of creativity and development skill. I was blessed with two left hands so to speak, so right from the get go I found it quite hard to find a form that fit my creativity. Drawing and the likes were a no-go, learning an instrument was tried but ultimately abandoned and explaining my ideas to the people was limited by my ability to socialize. I was a rather lonely kid. However, that was also my greatest drive and if it wasn't for that, I would probably not be where I am now.

I have been doing what I am doing now for a few years. I started in 1998 by trying to develop a game based on ideas and concepts I had in mind back then. The Internet was completely new for me, and browsing through it was a pain back then. Yet, I managed to realize that the net gave me the chance I craved to test my skills.

My first few creations were horrible. Cheap looking games with cheap sounding midi music and no artistic value whatsoever. As I grew older, I realized that my childhood dream of doing movie work was still there, yet the older I became the more apparent it was that I am a better writer/director than actor. Same applies for music: I can't sing. At all. I can compose and write lyrics however, so that helps.

After I met my lovely fiancée, life turned out to offer more than just the worlds in my head. New friends, a new place to live and new chances to move forward with my visions. I began doing more video work, finished my first commercial game and did some great stuff music wise. I began to develop what I call the creation mindset, basically a pattern to think in visions and emotions when doing art, be it music, games or videos.

Since you are reading this I assume you either know me or have heard of/seen my work. I am glad that you took the time to check me out, because what you see here is what I live for. I want to entertain, I want to move. I could not imagine living my life without the spark of creativity as much as I could not imagine not sharing it with the world. My visions, my projects, those things are my life. And no matter what this life has in store for me, as long as I have this spark, as long as I am able to do what I do now, it is a life worth living.

So I welcome you to my online portfolio and hope you enjoy the stay.