Ever since I was three, when I learned reading through comics, I was fascinated by the medium. No other medium could possibly do what comics do. One might argue that books are the best medium to enhance your fantasy, since you literally have to imagine everything in your head by simply reading the words on the page. Others think that a picture is worth a thousands words while some think that film can show you a world unmatched by anything else.
All of that is true if you ask me, but comics can combine all of the above - the grand fantasy in your head, the picture worth a thousand words, the world far greater than you could imagine! I started writing comics as a kid, about eight years old or so. I remember my first comic book, it was atrociously bad and part of me wishes it was still around somewhere while another part of me is glad it was thrown away decades ago. Mixed feelings aside, comics have been my passion so it is no wonder that I myself built a huge world within the medium. I am talking, of course, about Void Comics.


Void Comics is basically my job, the main thing I do, a series of interconnected adventures, characters and stories. I started writing those stories when I was 13 and much of what I did back then survived to this day, albeit very differently, as strange as that sounds. I am a huge supporter of the rewrite and I believe most stories get better after the third or fourth pass. So did my comics, really. If I had released them back then, they would probably suck, or at least only be half as good as they are now. But I started releasing them in 2012 and that only made them better.
The banner for everything is Heroes of the Void. All comics under this banner are connected with each other in some way and while you don't have to read all of my comics to understand them, it does help to get the bigger picture.

Dark Mist

Now what kind of comics are we talking about here? Well, most of them are superhero comics in a science fiction setting. I created a world where World War 2 had a different outcome after Hitler was successfully assassinated in 1944. The resulting change made some things better, some things worse and technology advance at a much quicker pace. This allows me to bring in things like cyberware, mech suits, cyborgs and other futuristic elements.
All my comics are intended for older teens and adults, they do feature graphic violence, minor nudity and mature themes including torture, drug abuse and sexual assault. Please be aware of what you are consuming, this is some heavy stuff. 

Raven/Black Shadow

So if you are interested the kind of comics the big guy (I never call myself that, I should stop with it right here) writes, head over to http://www.void-comics.com/ where you can read all of them, for free, nicely sorted into issues. I update the website 5 times a week, Monday through Friday with a new page every weekday. It is a lot of work but I love it and I hope you enjoy reading them.