Everyone of any age plays. We all do it. Some of us play cards, others play sports, and others play social games, but we all play games. So I don't get why video games are taking the blame for everything people don't want to understand. Back in the day it was rock music, comics and TV, nowadays it's TV, rock music and video games.

I have been an active game developer for years. While there was a time when I thought that games were the medium I identify most with, I had to learn the hard way that sometimes things are not what you believe they are. Games are fun and I will probably never stop developing them, but as far as identification goes, they have fallen far behind comics, video and music making. That does not mean that I don't like it any more, I just think that I am better suited for writing and directing than game design. In the end however, the game development scene made me what I am today. And that is a good thing. :)

Nowadays I focus mostly on developing 2D games that look and play like they did twenty years ago. I create games for all ages, some are free, some are commercial but all of them are dear to me. If you are interested in my games, here is everything I have released. Enjoy!

First, we start with the recent commercial games. These are my latest works, available on today's machines for you to play. I hope you'll check them out and enjoy them.

Citadale - Gate of SoulsMy very first Wii U game was something I wanted to do for years. I have always had a soft spot for a certain vampire slaying game series and when that series more or less died, I figured now is my chance to pick up the pieces and bring something new to the table. Citadale is the result. Classic old-school gameplay with a slight touch of modern game design take you into the world of Sonja Dorleac, a young girl who sets out to destroy the resident evil overlord (because you need to have one of those) and protect the people from his evil power. Slay your way through six stages and vile monsters. The game was released on August 18th 2016 in Europe and you can buy it on Nintendo eShop.

RorrimMy second game for Wii U is a nice little puzzle game suitable for all ages. In this game you help a princess who was trapped in a world of mirrors escape from various dungeons. The trick here is it that she has to escape in the real world AND in the mirror world at the same time. The gamepad shows either a mirror image of the map OR inverts the controls of the princess and since you have to navigate on both screens at the same time, it is rather tricky. Of course the game supports Miiverse and stamps. It was released in the US and in Europe on September 8th 2016 on the Nintendo Wii U eShop.

Gravity+My third console game will again be released on Wii U and is a puzzle game suitable for all ages. You play a small robot on a space station and you have to find your way through a maze to the exit. You are able to manipulate gravity to make your way through traps and hazards. The game features over two dozen stages, various challenges, online highscores, stamps and Miiverse support as well as a level editor where you can create your own stages and share them with the world. It was released for the Nintendo eShop on November 3rd 2016.

A.C.E. Alien Cleanup Elite

Here we have a game that is great fun. This game was released on Wii U on March 16th and April 16th on PC/Mac/Linux and if it looks awesome, that's because it is. You are a solder of the Alien Cleanup Elite and your task is it to clean up various citys all around the planet from aliens. You do so with some nice run and gun action through procedurally generated levels. Online Highscores are of course included, so you can show your friends who's boss!

Get it here!

The next few games are free PC games. Download them, play them, share them, all is well. The more people play my games, the better for everyone, so please, take a look at these games and tell me if you like them. I am rather proud of them and I believe they are good games that deserve a chance. Like with all games, I wrote all storylines and composed the music myself, with help from a few people in other areas like graphics or code. I hope you enjoy playing them.

BahamutThis free Role Playing Game was the first RPG I ever released. It is the first in a multi part story of games I dubbed "The Gaya Fantasy". Set in a world of gods and magic, you take the role of Lyla, a half human/half dragon lady and warrior of the goddess Gaya. Lyla is sent to a remote island where a terrible tragedy has ended all life. The island is now trapped in the void between realities and it is up to you to find out what happened. You do so by traveling back and forth in time and prevent whatever is happening to consume the island. The island hides many secrets and temples and you have to solve them all. If you love old Super Nintendo RPGs this one is for you. Download and try it here.

EstuopolusThis free game is also set within the world of "The Gaya Fantasy" and puts you into the boots of Mykroft, a young apprentice who is traveling with his Master to undo a mistake of the past. Little do they know, however, that evil looms on the horizon. An ancient evil is about to be reborn and only the Requiem of Spirits is powerful enough to stop it. Whatever that is, however, or where to find it, is up to you. On your way you will meet interesting people and fight terrifying monsters. Just like in JRPGs from the 90s, you'll experience the story and music while solving riddles, conquering dungeons and level up your party. An epic quest lies ahead of you. You can download the game here.

SaratorusThis is the sequel to Bahamut, as the subtitle suggests. Decades after the events on the island, Lyla lives a quiet life as an old woman in a new land. But her past is coming back to haunt her and now she must set out to regain her strength and save the land she built from certain doom. Help Lyla face this adventure and go on an epic quest. Featuring more dungeons, more items and a reworked battle system, this game will take you on a ride. Are you good enough to help Lyla overcome this darkness? Download the game and find out here.

The Uranoth ChroniclesThis is a tale about revenge. Rato is a young demon hunter who arrives in a besieged village. He is on his way to the Lady of the Castle to ask her for aid in his search for revenge. This is a stage based strategic RPG. Rato will fight on his own but you are there to watch his battles. Each battle move consumes a Soul Gem and you have to make sure that Rato never runs out. That means exploring the world in search for gems, choosing your battles wisely, investing in some good equipment and sometimes even running from battle. If you enjoy your RPGs with a taste of strategy and maybe some luck, this one is for you. You can download it here.

PincubeUnlike most other free games I made, this one is entirely new in its concept. Imagine a pinball machine, but instead of a ball, you have a cube. Instead of triggers at the bottom you have a paddle. Your task is it to score high while not letting your cube fall into the red barrier that will destroy it. Multipliers, bonus scores and lots of quick movements will keep you on your toes. Pincube is a game for fans of Breakout and Pinball and if that sounds like something you like, then what are you waiting for? Play the game right now by clicking here.

Everything from here on out focuses on my earliest gaming efforts. My earliest games were not very good. I developed them in a phase when I was still trying to figure stuff out and the quality of the games clearly reflects that. Still, they are part of me and my life so I don't want to keep them from you. Note that they are all very old and were not the best games to begin with, but I don't want to keep them from you, mistakes of the past and all that. You live and learn I suppose.

Monster Mega MayhemMonster Mega Mayhem was my first commercial game. The idea was it to create an arcade type game where you are a monster brutally killing humans. Pretty sure most of the content in the game wouldn't fly these days but back then it was just innocent fun. The game would probably be rated M for violence, blood and suggestive themes. If you really want to play it, you can download the game here. Just know that it is my first game and has aged incredibly badly.

The Adventures of Ambages - Castle of the Goblin KingMy second game fared much better. When it was released it was actually quite the playable nice little kids game. Of course it didn't age all too well but back then it was worth the price of admission. This top down adventure game is suitable for all ages and you can download it here. Like all my earlier efforts, it may have some serious design issues but I did like the world we set up back then.

Trixie in FairylandThis game was created in a few hours for the overnight contest of a small indie dev convention, back in the days when indie development didn't really exist as it does now. We won third place simply for the idea - the gameplay is ridiculously bad but the idea is silly enough: You are a young goth boy with his razorblade and you have to kill pretty fairies with it, shooter style. As said it's not a very good game but it was fun while it lasted. You can try it for yourself here.

G.R.U.N.T.S.Of all my early gaming efforts, this one is the best by far. It aged solidly and plays well. It is a first person shooter in the style of the old DOOM or Quake games but it is completely silly. I made it around the same time Portal came out and I never developed the other four episodes because once Portal was out everybody would just assume I stole their ideas for humor and sillyness. I didn't of course, the games have been in development long before Portal came out but that's the life of an indie dev with an original idea and no money: Somebody else is bound to release something similar first. Anyway, you can download it here to enjoy, if you like the first DOOM or Quake.