The gravest Citadale adventure yet breaks new ground... and buries you in it!

A century of relative peace (as far as peace goes in medieval times) is about to come to a shocking end. Once again, the screams of the undead are heard in the night as they hail the return of Rhogul, Lord of Darkness and Wearer of Capes. And he has but one goal: Revenge on the Dorleac family. That would be you.

As Arion Dorleac, you will face Rhogul once more - if you can survive the terrifying traps, dastardly demons and malicious monsters he puts in your way that is. Armed with the legendary Shadow Blade, Arion sets forth to end the reign of Rhogul before it really begins.

Arbitrary list of features:

  • Retro styled action inspired by the greats on the SNES and MSDOS (because 8bit is so 2016)
  • Hidden exits lead to alternative stages, giving you great replay value
  • Two endings based on what stages you conquer (there's that replay value again)
  • New subweapons and spells to help you
  • A real save system this time (yeah, I listen)

This is the fourth chapter in the Citadale series and, if I may be so bold, the best. That doesn't mean the others are bad, just like a NES game isn't bad despite a SNES counterpart existing, you know? If you buy this game, you get the ANDROID game 'Citadale - Book of Shadows' for free! Either way, you can get this on Steam, GameJolt and


Citadale Screenshot Citadale Screenshot Citadale Screenshot Citadale Screenshot


Background Information:

After a trilogy of NES inspired games I figured the next chapter in the Citadale franchise should be more SNES styled. This game is adapting the coolest and best ideas, gameplay elements and tweaks I couldn't put into the previous games and then some. I am very happy with the results and quite proud of this game.