Step into the hellhouse once again... Citadale - The Legends Trilogy is a classic retro 8bit action game in the vein of so many NES classics. Vampires, zombies and other creatures of the night await. What a horrible night to have a curse.

You are Sonja Dorleac, a young woman on a mission to stop the local Dark Lord from plunging the lands into the darkness. Armed with the Shadow Blade, a legendary sword given to her by her husband and her wits, she sets out to restore peace to the lands. But she is not alone.

Collecting the original game and both sequels, this trilogy of games sees Sonja fighting alongside her son Gabriel in the second chapter of this nostalgic throwback to times long gone while the third chapter focuses on Christopher, heir to the Shadow Blade and grandson of Sonja.

You can also get each game individually as a stand alone experience:

Each chapter has six stages filled with creatures of the night, a great set of boss enemies and memorable music. The Legends Trilogy is amazing value and a must have for everyone who grew up with games like this. It was released on September 13th on PC, Mac and Linux.


Citadale Screenshot Citadale ScreenshotCitadale Screenshot Citadale Screenshot


Background Information:

My very first Wii U game was something I wanted to do for years. I have always had a soft spot for a certain vampire slaying game series and when that series more or less died, I figured now was my chance to pick up the pieces and bring something new to the table. Citadale is the result. Classic old-school gameplay with a slight touch of modern game design take you into the world of Sonja Dorleac, a young girl who sets out to destroy the resident evil overlord (because you need to have one of those) and protect the people from his evil power. Slay your way through six stages and vile monsters. The original game was released on August 18th 2016 on the Nintendo Wii U eShop. Due to many factors I then decided to add to that story and created two additional story modes. The Legends Trilogy combines all three chapters into a nice tale of family, tragedy and heroism. The Trilogy was ported by Nitrolic games and released on Wii U on May 4th 2017 in the Nintendo Wii U eShop. The Wii U release of the games is depreciated and not supported.