Donald the orange onion finally got his wall... Kinda sorta...

Donald the orange onion is furious. Bad Hombres are infiltrating his beautiful wall (the best wall there ever is, so good, winning) thinking that, because they paid for it, it belongs to them. Foolish vegetables. Sad!
Help Donion get rid of the bad fruit by doing what Donald does best: Bumbling into them and tripping over himself. But beware: Some hombres are strong, yo!

Features of the wall (so far, subject to change):

  • Metroidvania design
  • Retro styled visuals aka. GameBoy's back y'all
  • Not a fence!
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Vegetables = Bad
  • Ys styled battle system
  • Might be a fence
  • Hashtag Make Onion Donald Again

This fun little action game can be played over an over, in short bursts or long sessions. If you want to show them what's what, go get the game on Game Jolt and now :)


Donion Screenshot Donion Screenshot Donion Screenshot Donion Screenshot


Background Information:

I created this in a week because I played another game with a similar combat style and wanted to try to replicate that action. The idea about the Donald came around the time I set on a visual style, as it was easy for me to make sure everything fits and looks the way it was supposed to. This is not a political message, just some harmless fun :)