Gravity+ is a Wii U exclusive puzzle game. You play a small robot on a space station and you have to find your way through a maze to the exit. The goal is simple: Grab the key and reach the exit. On your way you'll encounter hazards and obstacles.

The twist is your ability to change gravity at any given moment. Which makes things much easier - or harder, depending on what cruel layout the level designer chose.

The game featured over two dozen stages, challenges, online highscore and miiverse interaction. Players could download and play any user created levels directly from Miiverse.


Gravity+ Screenshot Gravity+ ScreenshotGravity+ Screenshot Gravity+ Screenshot


Background Information:

I had the idea for Gravity+ while taking a bath - as is often the case. Rotating the map around the player seemed a nice concept so I gave it a go. It was my publisher, Nitrolic Games, who ported the game to console and who suggested to add a level editor and online sharing.