A facility on an asteroid far from earth has been hit by a smaller asteroid. Repairs are required and it's your job to get the repair drone. Problem is, your suit has been damaged and your chances of survival are low. Your only hope is to find upgrades for your suit and hope you won't run into too many problems while doing so. As if...

Gravity Spin is a metroidvania game with a literal spin. The main focus of the gameplay is the gravity spin mechanic that allows you to change the gravity and walk on the ceiling. This opens up whole new possibilities of exploration and action. You can easily buy it on Steam, GameJolt and itch.io :)


The Masked Mage Screenshot The Masked Mage Screenshot The Masked Mage Screenshot The Masked Mage Screenshot


Background Information:

On my never ending quest to learn how to do excellent metroidvania design another step was taken. This time I focused on the upgrades, secrets and map progression. The art style was chosen to make it easier to develop and allow me to really focus on those aspects. I am quite happy with the result and hope people enjoy it.