Forests, swamps and forests again. Home of the Poison Dwarves, or Poison Dwarfs if you so desire, birthplace of tree and treeplace of birth. Who is? Why for? And what? SUPER KING MAN!

A fun, silly platformer about King, who is Super and identifies as a Man, a Super King Man should you so desire, who finds a magic mirror and is transported into a magic forest. And he has an epic beard, so this does qualify as an epic adventure! Excite!

Run, jump, climb and attack your way through thirty levels of forest, some more level-y than others. Have you passed that tree before? Why cares? Nobody! SUPER KING MAN is on Game Jolt and both!




Background Information:

I think games are inhernetly silly. So I wanted to do something silly but present it as totally serious. In the end it became its own thing, which is good I suppose.