Whatever happened to magic? The Masked Mage is an open world adventure game, focusing on exploration, atmosphere and story. Centuries ago, magic ceased to exist and the few remnants of it are weak. The Masked Mage is one of the last magicians alive and sets out to find out where magic went all those years ago. On your journey you will explore a vast and ominous mountain, old temples and ancient forests, fight against the native wildlife and make a new friend along the way. The Masked Mage is a story about friendship, mystery and of course magic.

Released on August 7th 2018 this game is designed for people who like slow, story driven games. There is not much action and the focus is entirely on exploration and atmosphere. You can get it on SteamGameJolt and itch.io for ten bucks^^


The Masked Mage Screenshot The Masked Mage ScreenshotThe Masked Mage Screenshot The Masked Mage Screenshot


Background Information:

This game was originally designed to be a Wii U game but due to unforseen events that never came to fruition. It took me a very long time to adapt the game for the PC - at one point even considering just re-making the whole thing. The finished game is pretty much what I wanted, however, sans the Wii U features of course, which would have used the Gamepad for the map, items and lore of course.