I wanted to make music ever since I heard the soundtrack to Back to the Future. Since then, I have learned a lot about music and how it is made, yet I still have not managed to learn any musical instrument. I can program midi files however, so with the right plug-ins and samples, I am able to create music that comes from the depths of my heart.

Music is more than just sound. Music is something we feel, that emotes and portrays us. The music we listen to says more about us than any description could ever explain. An integral part of our culture and society, music speaks to us all. And I am happy and proud to be a part of the neverending process of expanding and broadening the musical experience.

My personal experience with creating music ranges from electronic to metal, from soundtracks to soundscapes. I write melodies and lyrics and perform said lyrics myself, whether alone or with the help of various singers and musicians. As of today, I have worked on over 150 songs and composed more than half of them myself.

However, I do not plan to commercialize my music to a level that would allow me to live from making music only. Music is love, and I love doing music too much to ever pump out something I don't stand behind just for the sake of selling it. Thus, it is highly unlikely that I will ever grace the charts. So most of my music is freely available online. For example my Soundcloud page. Head over there to listen to the following music.

Angel's DecayThis three part project was greatly inspired by the soundtrack from the film "Queen of the Damned". The film itself is, with the exception of Stuart Townsend, quite forgettable but the songs were pretty cool, at least when I was 20. Nowadays I think it's kitsch but you know, kitsch is okay sometimes. Look for it on the streaming platform of your choice or follow the links on this page to get to my music profiles. Enjoy your trip into kitschy vampire stuff.

War on ReligionI make no secret of being an atheist. In fact I proudly wear that badge. This album is basically a commentary on Bible quotes in song form. Those are REAL Bible quotes, not some made up stuff and they are NOT taken out of context. I also focus on the NEW testament because we all know the old testament is a vile, brutal misogynistic piece of trash. I ain't one for easy targets. For this album I brought some friends in and even quoted the Amazing Atheist. And of course you can find it on the streaming platform of your choice.

N0yZ3ßExperimental electronica, industrial and noize is probably the best description for this album. I wanted to do something I'd never listen to privately just to see if I could and yes, I could. I have no idea if it is any good in its genre but hey, tastes, right? So if you are wondering what this sounds like, well you know where my Soundcloud page is.

Also, have a listen to some music I did with other artists and friends. Those projects all have their own Soundcloud pages because they deserve them. I can not stress enough how happy I am that I had the opportunity to work with great people and this is my way of saying thank you. So if you want to hear more, take a listen, you will NOT be disappointed.

Brothers GrymThis German music project I am actually quite fond of, despite not being what I usually listen to. I'm doing this with my friend Daniel and basically we adapt German fairytales, mostly by the Brothers Grimm with a darker, deadlier twist and some ambient electro sound, fitting for a dark and gothic night, hence the name Brothers Grym. If you like that kind of thing, head over to this Soundcloud page.

Aidenn's RageIn case I haven't mentioned her enough, let's talk more about my beloved. She can sing, you know and together we recorded an album. I wrote the music with her input and recorded some lyrics with her but she is the real star of the show. So if you like soft electronic pop with female vocals and an actual story to your music, this one's for you. Head over to this Soundcloud page and enjoy.

Beyond RageThis is a musical project I wanted to do for decades. When I finally got the chance, thanks to two wonderful people I might add, I was delighted. I could not have done it without Stefan, the great guy who did the bass and guitars as well as mixing the whole thing and Alex, the lovely lady who so happily provided me with the smooth and sweet vocals of this enterprise. The end result is exactly what I wanted to do since I was 14 so if you don't look for it on the music platform of your choice, you are doing yourself a great disservice.