After spending hours and hours on this website and its content I realized that I have done so much more than the things you can see here. Stuff that was abandoned, that is on hold or that is already completed and does not fit anywhere. So I thought about adding more categories and the likes but then realized that it wouldn't work that way. Hence, this entry here.

Here I am talking about other stuff I made that didn't quite made the cut. Think of this page as some sort of "deleted scenes" from my life. I did it and sometimes it is really good stuff, but there is just no space or time to put it back into my life. And sometimes it is an entirely different life altogether. So why don't we take a look?

  • I wrote several books, some are even printed in paperback format. So far they in german only but hey, maybe one day somebody will translate them^^ HIER KAUFEN!
  • I did a few music projects over the last few years. Some of the failed ones included three short-lived metal bands and collabs with various indie artists.
  • I tried doing a few webseries on my YouTube channels to various success. I deleted most of them because at one point I will come back to them and try again, with more know-how and especially budget, since that's something I haven't had yet.
  • In 2008 I and a few drinking buddies decided to make a black metal satire song. We called the project STALFOS and the song TROLL KING and if you search mySpace you'll still find it ;) Beware though, its just noise.
  • There are various other things floating around with my name attached out there. I did some music in a game called iAtoms and Vampires! Click on the names to check them out.
  • In 2010 I did short german audio sketches featuring parodies of Hitler and others. It was pure garbage but it was silly fun.
  • In 2011 I starred in the music video "Padded Cell" by Austrian Metal Band Relinquished. I was the sadistic orderly and you can watch it on YouTube.
  • Between 2010 and 2011 I organized a few Gothic party events. We had hundreds of guests, which was quite a lot back then since we are a small town after all. I wrote the opening song for each party and shot a music video you can watch here.
  • In 2014 I wrote, shot and edited a video for a presentation about patient transfer management in hospitals.
  • I occasionally write gags and storylines for