In case you don't know what Patreon is, please allow me to explain: If you like an artist, it is very hard to figure out how to support them without knowing if your money even reaches the artist. Music labels and platforms keep most of the money for themselves, as do publishers and distributors. If, for example, you buy a song of mine on iTunes for a buck, I don't get the full amount, I get a tiny percentage of a cent. That's right, for every dollar, euro or whateve you spend, I don't even get a cent, just a tiny fraction of that money.

Patreon is a way you can support the artist, in this case me, directly. If you give, for example, five bucks every month, I get most of those five bucks. That way, you can be sure your support goes to the artist, in this case me. And that is great!

Now, why would you support me to begin with? You don't know me, or you do know and don't care about my work. or you do care about my work but can't be bothered because my stuff is free anyway. So why on earth should you part with your hard earned cash? Well, because it really, REALLY matters. I mean, if you are a friend of mine, supporting me on Patreon is better for me than buying me a drink every now and then. Even if you don't like my work, wouldn't you agree that it makes more sense to pay the artist for his or her hard work? And sure, my stuff is free but how long do you think I can afford doing free stuff if nobody pays for it? I have to pay the bills and the more time and energy I have to spend working a job not related to my stuff, the fewer projects I can finish. And of course, supporting me on Patreon means you get EXCLUSIVE rewards or some things FOR FREE that others have to pay for!

So you see, supporting me on Patreon isn't just a nice gesture, it's the right thing to do. For as little as 1 dollar or euro or so a month, you'll support me and my work and get a ton of stuff in return. And let's face it, you spend more money than that on pointless stuff anyway ;)

So, what do you get if you support me?


You get access to ALL of my commercial music - for free of course - in high quality mp3 format. No need to stream, be online or some such thing. Just download and listen on the device of your choice. Each album is carefully tagged and organized. Furthermore, you get access to my newest work a month in advance AND there may be some exclusive music there as well that you can't get anywhere else! Just for this alone, Patreon is worth it!


If you like videogames, you'll like this reward: A selection of my commercial games are available for all Patrons. Like the music, this selection will only grow larger because more games will be added. Buying all of these individually would cost you more than a year's worth of supporting me directly, and as previously mentioned if you pay 5 bucks for a game,I don't get the whole 5er, just a small percentage. Furthermore, you will get access to some EXCLUSIVE games that ONLY Patrons get.


Some of you like my comic books. On you can read a lot of them for free. But some are only available via comiXology or amazon. Unless you are a Patron of course, then you can download the PDF files directly to your device because that's how I roll. The PDF files are in print quality, so it's the best quality you can possibly have. This selection changes every now and then so it's wise to check back sometimes to see if there is new stuff there. Previously downloaded comics will o course stay on your device.
So yeah, that's it, this is what you get if you support me - a ton of great stuff! So head on over to Patreon and show this old man that you do care :)