When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be an actor. Since the age of five, I knew that my future would be in the film and movie business. Now I am grown up and know better. I am not an actor. In fact, I can't act at all. I am a terrible liar and have a hard time pretending to be someone I am not. No, now I know that I am a director and especially a writer. I am far better in creating and directing stuff than acting.

I realized that my true talent is not acting around the time I met my fiancée. It was then when I became friends with her ex (yes, that occasionally happens) with whom she still was friends (yes, that happens too) and I realized he shared my love for film. I was already doing games back then, so we always had something to talk about anyway, be it movies or gaming. I had a few directing ambitions back then already, but it was only through him that I realized my true potential. That I can do whatever I want, I just have to do it.

By now I have done quite a few things. I have directed a few music videos, I even starred in some (and not even badly, I might add), I have edited together a few video game music videos, created trailers and such and of course started doing my very own webseries.

I think of myself as a creator of worlds by now. Far more than a director or writer, designer or musician. I create worlds, emotions, stories and characters through music, gaming, written text and videos. I have worked on some webseries (after a failed try at an earlier concept) and have already started on the next few (far more complex than anything I have ever done) and I am looking forward to what the future has in store for me and my video work.

You can check out most of my video work on my YouTube Channel.