Game Soundtracks

My main interest in music dates back to two very specific things from the 80s. The first one was Queen, which was and still is one of my favourite bands. The other one was Back to the Future, which was and still is one of my favourite films. And the thing that impressed me back then is the same thing I still love today: Alan Silvestri's soundtrack through time.

Today, soundtracks have a very special place in my heart. I listen to them all the time, even now. Furthermore, I even make my own soundtracks by now. Most of them are soundtracks to video games. And I have to admit, my first "soundtracks" were more random instrument smashing than anything else. 

I started with cheap midi files years ago. I lost most of them by now however. Good thing they were not worthwhile anyway. Nowadays my music sounds a lot better. And of course I want to share with you as much as I can. So have a short rundown of what I've done.

Released Soundtracks

Unreleased Soundtracks

2007 - Monster Mega Mayhem G.R.U.N.T.S.
2009 - The Adventures of Ambages - Castle of the Goblin King The Prophecy - Dark Half
2009 - Videogame Compositions Vol. 1 (featuring previously unreleased Tracks) The Adventures of Ambages - Tower of Gears
Estopolus - Shattered Kingdom
Estopolus - Elements of Power (formerly Veritas)
LØKKE - Armor of Divinity (formerly Quest for the Treasure of the Toltec)

I am not entirely sure when or if I will release my unreleased works. Of course I hope that I get the chance to finish what I have started, but it is not that easy. However, my soundtracks tend to pop up in a compilation every once in a while, so it is rather likely for all of my music to be released at one point. ESPECIALLY since the unreleased stuff is so much better than the released one. o.O