Here you can check out what I plan on doing next. There is always a project to be done, and on this page, I keep track of my future plans, at least some of them. Have a look.

  • Aidenn's Rage would be the first one. Together with my fiancée, this project will probably be the first to be completed. We don't know the release schedule yet, but look out for it this spring.
  • Beyond Rage is the second one, and one of the longest in production. This is it, my musical highlight. The sole project that will be without compromise and exactly the way I want it to be. Recording is done and my Facebook page has the previews. We are now looking for distribution methods. Look forward to that one!
  • Brothers Grym is also being worked on. So far I am concentratig on Season 2 of the show and remastering Season 1 into something more High Quality. There will be a new album though eventually which I hope you check out, so stay dark!

So far for the music part. As for videos, there is some BIG stuff coming!

  • Veruca is still being developed. After nothing worked out the way I wanted I reworked the entire show into a new concept. I hope to finish a few episodes this year.
  • I am working on a Zombie movie. Most of it has already been shot and I hope to release it around Halloween.
  • A real PILOT episode to a Horror Show is coming. Not sure when but it is coming.
  • Comedy is something I rarely try, last time with Ezekiel Rage Reads and before that with The Ronald Pierce Tapes. So more comedy is in order. This one might come sooner as expected.

And now we head over to games, where a few good things are on the horizon.

  • My current projects are:
    Estopolus: Requiem of Spirits The Beta was released and thefinal version is following soon
    The Islander Open world RPG with a huge focus on the open world part
    The Prophecy: Dark Half Freeware PC  game, now running on a new engine so I can finish it alone
    The Uranoth Chronicles Action adventure with RPG elements
    Bahamut - Between Light and Shadow The Beta is released with the final version coming soon
    Haudruff and the Technomage 2D platformer, will probably be released somewhen next year

So this is what I am up to. But as ever, there is more to all of it than meets the eye, so check back for updates on new stuff I'll show you :)